Energy storage technologies need to scale-up significantly to integrate variable renewables in the grid and curb greenhouse gas emissions from power generation. To meet the climate targets, the energy storage market is continuing to evolve where we are starting to see cost-effective long duration storage solutions to enable the clean energy transition towards renewables. In this webinar, we explore some groundbreaking Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technologies that could be one of the cost-effective solutions to move away from fossil fuels and transform intermittent to controllable clean energy.

Since they have the capability to store large amounts of energy at a relatively low cost, TES technologies enable operators to shift load from hours of low demand and high renewable output to hours of high demand and low renewable output. This maximizes the amount of renewable energy in the mix, keeps curtailment to a minimum and reduces the need for fossil back up.

The Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) cordially invites you to the first webinar in the “ESP Technology Webinar Series” on thermal energy storage which is hosted by the Energy Storage Partnership (ESP). The ESP is a global partnership convened by the World Bank Group to adapt and develop energy storage solutions for developing countries and is hosted at the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program.

Join this session to learn more about the different kinds of long-duration TES technologies from two pioneering companies: Azelio, and Malta.

In this online session you will:

  • Explore how thermal storage technologies can play a key role in the energy transition whilst making energy systems more resilient.
  • Learn about the pros and cons of different types of thermal energy storage technologies, including aluminum alloy, liquid metal and molten salt.
  • Get access to practical examples of the application of these technologies in different markets.

Juliet Pumpuni

Senior Energy Specialist

Torbjörn Lindquist


Michael Geyer

MD for Business Development in Europe and MENA

Chong Suk Song

Energy Specialist (Moderator)