Clean power systems that depend mostly on variable renewables need long duration storage to remain dependable and affordable. In this regard, Pumped Storage Hydropower (PSH) has an important role to play.
PSH is the most mature energy storage technology, with a track-record of over 130 years. Today, there are 158 GW of operational PSH facilities with enough capacity to produce 9000 GWh every year. PSH is expected to grow to 240 GW by 2030.

Over its long history, PSH has kept on evolving to provide services such as inertia, frequency control, voltage regulation, and black-start capability; all of which are vital today to support the growing shares of variable renewable energy in grid systems.

Join this webinar to learn more about the vital role that PSH plays in the transition to clean power systems.

  • Understand how PSH works and how it can integrate variable renewables in the grid
  • Find out how PSH can be deployed on decommissioned mines, as well as hydropower reservoirs
  • Learn about groundbreaking PSH technologies, including off-river, geomechanical, seawater, underground and location agnostic pumped hydroelectric storage
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Alex Campbell

Head of Research and Policy

Rebecca Ellis

Energy Policy Manager

Amit Jain

Senior Energy Specialist (Moderator)