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Webinar: Reducing the Cost of Renewable Hydrogen

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Green hydrogen, produced by means of renewables-powered electrolysis, promises to decarbonise a wide variety of industries but the today renewable hydrogen is between two and five times more expensive than grey hydrogen produced from gas, depending on estimates.

For renewable hydrogen to fulfil its potential, its costs must become much lower. Achieving this will require low-cost renewable electricity, as electricity accounts for around 70% of renewable hydrogen costs, lower electrolyser costs, and optimal operational strategies.

Tune in to this webinar to find out what it will take for renewable hydrogen costs to achieve parity with grey hydrogen and, eventually, with natural gas itself.

  • Get access to analysis on when renewable hydrogen will be cheaper than grey hydrogen and how it will get there
  • Learn how to source the lowest-cost renewable electricity to produce world beating renewable H2
  • Find out how economies of scale and learning can bring the cost of electrolysers and other system components to lower CAPEX
  • Get an insight into how to deal with the variability of renewable technologies to choose the operational strategy that delivers the lowest cost of hydrogen.


John Williams

Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster

Kevin Bär

Head of Sales B2B North Germany

Carola Kantz

Deputy Managing Director P2X4A

Stefan Reichelstein

Professor of Accounting, Emeritus

Carlos Márquez

Markets Intelligence Director [Moderator]