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Webinar: Innovative Mini-Grid projects to accelerate renewable deployment in islands and remote communities

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The declining cost of renewable generation and energy storage systems (ESS) offers new energy options for islands and remote communities that historically had relied on diesel and heavy fuel oil to meet electricity demand.

This webinar explores how energy storage systems equipped with Virtual Synchronous Generation (VSG) capabilities can be used to unlocks green, lower-cost energy while increasing the use of renewables in remote communities and islands.

  • Understand the challenges that renewable integration presents for islands and remote communities and how VSG-enabled energy storage can allow developers to better track and understand a community’s energy need to improve energy access and optimize the performance of the renewable mini-grids.
  • Learn how smart energy management technology like GEMS optimizes control and lowers the cost of energy across a fleet of power sources by adjusting to market conditions and integrating real-time data, to support the management of fluctuations in renewable assets output.
  • Learn about current hybridised storage projects, which showcase island grid and grid-forming capabilities, while minimsing curtailment to maximise system performance. 


Wilhelm Van Butselaar

Area Manager Energy Storage & Optimization

Beni Suryadi

Manager of Power, Fossil Fuel, Alternative Energy and Storage

Peter Goh

Vice President

Carlos Márquez

Markets Intelligence Director [Moderator]