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Webinar: How to design and operate cost-competitive thermal storage solutions (TES)

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As costs of variable renewable energy keeps falling steadily and more renewables are deployed, the need to deploy storage solutions becomes more pressing. However, lithium ion (Li-Ion) and other chemical batteries are still either too expensive or inappropriate for storing energy at utility scale for more than four hours. Thermal storage can often give flexibility to complement PV and wind production for long duration at lower cost. 

In this webinar we analyze the techno-economic advantages of integrating long-term thermal energy storage systems in variable renewable generation projects:  

  • Understand the scope of this opportunity both in mature and new renewable energy markets
  • Hear from the companies that are making strides to provide utilities with long-term thermal storage for their wind and solar assets to secure firmness and dispatchability
  • Analyze case studies and types of projects, to understand how to design and operate a TES system to improve the productivity of your generation assets


Michael Geyer

MD for Business Development in Europe and MENA

Alberto Crespo Iniesta

Director Proposal Engineering

Felipe Gallardo

Business Development Manager

Belén Gallego

CEO [Moderator]