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Webinar: CSP Simulators: optimization from design to operation

ATA Insights' Knowledge Partners

CSP can play a key role in a grid dominated by renewable energy due to the fact that is dispatchable. Nevertheless, the complexity of CSP installations can undermine the profitability, competitiveness and even viability of the project. 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed a blueprint study on the best practices for CSP to develop stronger CSP projects with lower project costs and improved long-term plant operation. 

In this webinar, we analyze proven CSP planning, construction, startup and O&M best practices; and we will discuss how can simulators enhance CSP plant results in terms of economy, safety, and reliability during the whole lifecycle of the plant: 

  • Hear about using simulators as an engineering tool, allowing the prompt refining of the design, and optimizing design changes in any project phase
  • Find out how simulation can reduce commissioning times and the minimize of unforeseen events during this phase
  • Understand how moving from an engineering simulator to  a training simulator supports O&M team decision making and improves the efficiency, safety and availability of the installation. 


Patricia Romero

Head of simulation solutions

Guillermo García Rivero

Head of Process Engineering

Mark Mehos

Group Manager – Thermal Systems R&D

Belén Gallego

CEO [Moderator]