Workshop: Building resilience into a decarbonized US grid with storage technology

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According to the US National Energy Storage Association’s (ESA) latest ‘US Energy Storage Monitor’ report, 910 MWh of new energy storage systems were brought online in Q1 2021 in the US. The forecast is for 12,000 MWh of new energy storage will be added in 2021, three times the amount added in 2020.

The workshop Building resilience into the US grid with storage technology will dig deep on the opportunities for energy storage to provide resilience to the US power system, analyzing state of-the-art technology and its application to specific services. The agenda will also look into the business models for energy storage and the bankability of the energy storage projects.

This workshop will focus on the following points:
• Hear about the challenges that the US grid is facing and how innovation in energy storage can increase its resilience through the decarbonization process

• Study the varied business models for energy storage assets in the US and see how markets and policies are remunerating them

• Analyze lessons learnt on real projects to streamline your project deployment and improve the profitability of your storage assets

• Explore how to secure investment and financing for energy storage projects for grid resiliency with key partners and innovative financial structures

Arthur Lord

Microsoft - Senior Program Manager, Energy & Sustainability

Randell Johnson


Cassandra Heller

Senior Manager of BD

Nate Blair

Group Manager

John O’Brien


Jan Jacobson

VP of Business Development

Sherif Abdelrazek

Renewables Engineering Manager, Energy Storage & Microgrids

Manish Kumar

The AES Corporation - Director, Battery Storage

Dabid Kirkpatrick

Managing Director

Michael Pantelogianis

Co-Global Head