Almacenamiento Energético en Chile - Oportunidades y Retos

An electrical network based mainly on variable renewables (solar and wind), eventually required services provided by energy storage to maintain the inertia and firmness of the network. In Chile, according to a report by ACERA, the participation of Accumulated NCRE as of July 2022 was 31,1% largely driven by the entry of new photovoltaic plants.  

Currently, droughts continue to worsen, making it more difficult to predict the water resource for generation. At the same time, the Andean country is preparing a roadmap to define the enabling conditions for withdraw or convert coal plants by 2030 or close to that year.

In this context, the difference in the marginal price of energy between off-peak hours and peak periods exceeds 90 dollars. Creating a business of arbitration very profitable for storage, especially in nodes with a lot of discharge from solar and wind.

But there is a need to clarify rules on how to operate these assets; Are stand-alone projects going to be treated as generation or transmission assets? How do you plan to remunerate complementary regulation and frequency services?

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  • Solve your doubts about the regulation of energy storage projects in Chile, understanding the improvements to the regulation that the government is proposing
  • Obtain reliable data on the potential energy storage market in Chile and upcoming auctions.
  • Hear about the real projects that are being developed in Chile and extract lessons that will allow you to maximize the profitability of your project
  • Examine the different ways to monetize the services that storage provides to the network and learn how to finance your project
  • Understand what are the basic technological innovations that you have to include in your projects to maximize performance and increase your competitiveness

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Full agenda of the workshop

Although Chile already has remuneration mechanisms for energy storage systems coupled to renewable generation sources (eg capacity payments), there are still pending issues. In this opening talk, the current regulation in relation to the storage market will be analyzed and the government's objectives and next steps will be discussed; with the participation of organizations such as the Ministry of Energy, the Electrical Coordinator National (CEN), and the National Energy Commission (CNE).

Speakers: Ministry of Energy and National Electrical Coordinator

In this session we focus on profitable storage project proposals in Chile and explore how the storage market for stand-alone projects will evolve, based on various service addition options.

Speakers: Wärtsilä and BASF. Moderate – ATA Insights

In this session you will have the opportunity to catch up with current real cases of storage projects in Chile. We will analyze real cases of how to design, promote and build profitable storage projects in Chile. And we will explore strategies to minimize price uncertainty in your project considering the global context of batteries and their bottlenecks.

Speakers: Aggreko and Colbun

If the heart of a storage system is the battery, the brain is the asset control, operation and optimization software. In this session we study the capabilities of energy management systems (EMS) to respond to the needs of the system and offer services that improve the profitability of the project.


Speakers: Wartsilä,  Moderator –ATA Insights