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Webinar: Solar-plus-storage: A growing opportunity for the US energy needs

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As the share of variable renewable energy (VRE) increases in the grid and battery prices continue to fall, developers are combining solar projects with on-site batteries to provide dispatchability, frequency regulation and balancing services. While natural gas remains low-priced enough to remain attractive in many parts of the US, the rapid reduction in cost for battery storage made it competitive with peaking gas plants for applications requiring up to two hours of energy storage.  Now that two more years had been added to the step-down of the federal Investment Tax Credit; U.S. solar-plus-storage market is becoming increasingly attractive for large-scale renewables developers.

 This webinar explores the opportunity for solar-plus-storage projects in the US market and analyzes the financial structures being used by utilities and financial institution to develop these projects: 

  •  Understand where the pockets of opportunity are in the US storage market today and learn about the state policy that is driving renewables in place like California
  • Financing and de-risking: hear about the major institutions that are prepared to back battery storage projects in the US – and what they look for when deciding whether to finance a project
  • Listen to first-hand experience on how to successfully finance and develop solar-plus-storage infrastructure project in the US
  • Learn about the opportunity for long-term energy storage with new technologies such as redox flow battery that can provide up to 6+ hours of flexible discharge



Alexander Morris

Executive Director

Matt Zedler

Head of product and application engineering for GridStar Flow

José Miguel Tellechea

Associate Director of Project Finance

Carl Stills

VP IV Dev & Storage Integration

Carlos Márquez

Markets Intelligence Director [Moderator]