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Webinar: Baseload solar project Redstone signals the value of renewable dispatchability

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Following an extended development journey, the Redstone Concentrated Solar Power project is breaking ground in the Northern Cape (South Africa). Redstone is a 100MW power tower with 12 hours of thermal storage that is expected to begin commercial operation by the fourth quarter of 2023.

This project signals also a recognition to the clean, firm, baseload power that CSP brings to the table as more variable renewable enters the grid.

In this webinar we analyse this project, its milestones and how CSP ads value to the system beyond the power it produces.

  • Hear from the developer of the project about the journey to bring this project to its current point and the expected milestones leading to feed electricity to 200k households around the clock in 2024
  • Understand the Redstone CSP Tower technology better and how it will provide value-adding ancillary services required by the system operator at no cost to the local public utility Eskom, a first for a renewable energy plant in the country
  • Analyze Redstone´s financial process – the largest renewable energy investment in South Africa to date totalling R11.5-billion – with a group of various local and international institutions
  • Consider the tangible socio-economic benefits of the Redstone project to the local economy, with 44% local content on procurement, more than 2K construction jobs during construction and 100 permanent jobs for the life cycle of the plant


Jing Li

Principal Investment Officer

Bernard Geldenhuys

Power and Infrastructure Finance

Nandu Bhula

CEO Redstone

Sawan Kumar

Executive Manager

Belén Gallego

CEO [Moderator]